6 Winter Activities to do at Playgroup

The colder months are here and sometimes this can present a challenge to keep kids entertained at playgroup. But don’t let the rain stop you from having fun – we’ve written some fun ideas to do with the kids at playgroup (and at home!).

1. Hold a disco

Choose a theme, bring in some music and let the kids dress up and boogie the day away!

2. Go out and explore nature!

Pop on the gumboots, get those rain jackets and grab your brollies and go exploring out into nature! Outdoor play in Winter is a fantastic learning and sensory experience for kids. Find some muddy puddles and get jumping. Nature is there to be explored no matter the weather – read more about the benefits here.

3. Have a PJ Day

What better way to enjoy the colder days than spending it in your pyjamas. Top it off with some hot buttered toast (raisin or fruit toast is a yummy treat!) or bring in an electric frying pan and make pancakes. Yum!

4. Organise an excursion

Head out to your local play centre, museum or visit another local playgroup for some fun activities.

5. Crazy hair day

Grab a few bottles of coloured hair spray, different coloured hair ties and beads and let the kids get creative with their crazy hair ideas

6. Organise a special activity

The kids will love having a special activity and guest come and run a session. Face painters, special craft activities, messy play are all great ideas!

And 7…Bonus idea

This one is for anyone who has an oven, try making some fresh bread, scones or this 2 ingredient dough – YUM.

Do you have some ideas that you love to do at playgroup with the kids? Let us know by commenting below or tag #playgroupwa so we can see the fun you get up to!

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