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Playgroup WA has been supporting, servicing and establishing playgroups throughout Western Australia since 1972.

Playgroup WA (formerly called the Playgroup Association of Western Australia) began in 1972 and has grown from a tiny office in Victoria Park with one staff member to a two storey office in North Perth and 22 staff members. In 2011 Playgroup WA opened its first regional office in the South West based in Bunbury and in 2015 added an office in the Great Southern based in Albany. Currently more than 16,000 families enjoy the benefits of Playgroup in sessions operating from Esperance to Kununurra, from Leonora to Lancelin and throughout the Perth metropolitan area. Playgroup WA has more than 500 member playgroups.

Playgroup WA is a community organisation run on a not-for-profit basis. Management of Playgroup WA is vested in a voluntary Board, elected each October at the Annual General Meeting. The Board is responsible for the overall management in areas such as policy development and financial management.

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We value

  • The importance of play in learning
  •  The role of parents, families and communities in supporting the well-being of young children
  • The role of playgroup in supporting families with young children
  • The UN ‘rights of the child’