Strategic Objectives

Strategic Plan

Our Vision

Is that the people of WA value playgroups.

Our Purpose

Is to support all young children, families and communities to enjoy, learn and grow together through playgroup.

We Value:

  • The role of parents, families and community in supporting the wellbeing of young children
  • The importance of play
  • The role of playgroup in supporting
    families with young children
  • The enrichment of communities through playgroups

Our Strategic Objectives:

To be recognised as a leader and expert in our field


  • Build on strategic partnerships with stakeholders
  • Influence and advocate on government policy
  • Enhance the evidence base for the value of playgroup
  • Increase Playgroup WA’s profile

To promote and grow active participation


  • Attract, retain and support all members
  • Build the capacity of community
    and supported playgroups to provide support to local families and communities

To broaden access to playgroups


  • Increase playgroup access and support for all families who experience barriers to participation
  • Maintain a focus on participation opportunities for Aboriginal families
  • Improve playgroup access and
    support for families in regional and remote areas