Celebrating Families Week

National Families Week (held between 15 – 21 May) is a wonderful time to celebrate the importance of family in our life and our community.

It’s a great opportunity to look at all the different types of families we are a part of and how each one is special.

We’ve created a little list of some fun activities you can do at playgroup that celebrates Families Week with your little ones.

Family Tree
Check out our Family Tree craft idea here.

Gumnut Family
We’ve got a fun little nature activity – read about it here.





Sponge Family
You’ll need
– sponges (quantity depends on your group size)
– butcher paper
– paint

Prepare the sponges by cutting them out into different people shapes and animals. Pour different coloured paint into trays and ask the children to pick out the people and animal sponges that represent their family.

Get painting! Dip the sponges into the paint and press onto the paper to make your fun sponge family.

Don’t forget to note down which sponge painting is who for them!

Invite a special family member to playgroup
Open up the group and bring along a family member to share the fun at playgroup. This could be a grandparent, aunty, uncle or family friend.

Water Table – Sensory Activity
You’ll need:
– Tub for water
– Dish Soap
– Tea towels / towels
Get everyone involved in doing an activity together – just like a family! Give the teddy’s/doll’s clothes a wash and hang them up on the line; give the babies (dolls) a wash too while you’re at it; or get some dishes and scrubbing brushes and get everyone involved in washing and drying the dishes.

Have a Meal Together
Plan a morning tea and have a meal together as a family. Everyone can bring in a plate of food to share!


I Love Mummy/Daddy/Nana etc. (to the tune of Frere Jacques)
“I love mummy, I love mummy, yes I do.
Yes I do.
And my mummy loves me.
Yes my mummy loves me.
Loves me too; loves me too”

Go around and ask each child to name someone in their family they want to sing about.

With My Family (to the tune of Muffin Man)
“Tell me what you like to do.
Like to do, like to do.
Tell me what you like to do, with your family.
Jacob likes to go to the park; to the park, to the park,
Jacob likes to go to the park, with his family!”

This is a fun way to ask each child what they love to do with their family and then sing it in a song for them.

To find out more about National Families Week, visit their website here.

The little things…
Remember, Families Week is all about the small things too. Simple gestures like taking time to slow down and spend more time dedicated to just your kids and talking about what makes your family so great is also a lovely way to teach them about family.

We’d love to see what you get up to during the week – don’t forget to tag us or use the hashtag #playgroupwa so we can see! Or comment with your ideas below!

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