Check Out our Online Playgroup Manual

Blog 8 - Is your playgroup ready for its Annual General Meeting

Those new to the playgroup committee should check out our online Playgroup Manual.

A One Stop Resource

The  fantastic resource can be downloaded and printed as necessary.

Some groups may find it useful to have a printed copy of the manual available at playgroup while others may just want to keep copies of the most relevant sections.

And don’t forget – it is a good idea to revisit it from time to time as the needs of your playgroup can change over time.

A Great Reference Point

Please encourage people who are taking over new roles or responsibilities to read the relevant sections in the manual.

You could also suggest newly joined families go to the Playgroup WA website to read the manual for themselves.

Handy Tips for the Playgroup Committee

Use the manual as a reference book for discussion and decision making. Use the information to work positively through challenges and conflicts.

Playgroups are encouraged to photocopy pages and pass them around to their members.

You may also quote the manual in your playgroup communications – but please reference the digital link – so people know where to head if they need more information!

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