Playgroups in Perth and across Western Australia

Why join a playgroup?

“Playgroup was very much part of my ‘survival kit’ as a new parent. it was somewhere to go that both my child I and enjoyed.”

There are so many benefits to joining a playgroup for both children and adults alike. Playgroups are supportive and give a sense of belonging in the community, forming friendships, and sharing ideas and information. 

Benefits for your child

“Children who attend playgroup in early childhood have significantly better child development when they start school.” (read full report here)

The period between birth and 5 years is the most rapid stage of brain and skill development. Kids’ minds are like sponges, absorbing new information constantly. Play is one of the most important ways children learn and giving them a safe space to do this is so beneficial. 

At playgroup, kids learn through play and develop social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills in a safe and stimulating environment. Playgroups can offer craft, toys, books, music, sensory/messy play, imaginative play, physical play and various play equipment for children to explore both inside and outside.  

“We love playgroup! My toddler has the best time running around and exploring, plus I know he’s safe. I can’t wait to continue going to see what else his imagination gets him into.”

It’s a lot of fun as they play and interact with other children and adults, learning how to share and take turns, and developing a range of skills, which help with the transition to schoolBeing in an inclusive environment, children can also learn about people from different cultures or who have different abilities or interests.  

Over 90% of our members told us the biggest benefit of their child attending playgroup was an increase in social skills from the opportunities of interacting with other children.  

Playgroups also provide a space for parents/caregivers and your child(ren) to have fun, quality time playing together, enhancing your relationship through play. This is important for children’s healthy development.  

“Playgroup has helped my son improve his language and social skills by interacting with other kids and parents/caregivers.” 

Playgroup is a place for your child to feel welcome and included in their local community, which builds self-esteem and confidence.  

Benefits for parents and caregivers

It’s an opportunity to get out of the house to a social activity where you can meet other adults face to face, have a break and a chat, as well as spending fun, quality time with your kids.  

As parents, we know how important it is to connect with others. Forming these bonds and being able to share the ups and downs of parenthood together is beneficial for everyone and important for mental health and wellbeing.  

Playgroups provide a supportive environment, a sense of belonging to the community and the chance to form lifelong friendships. 

There’s fun, messy play, laughter and even a chance to enjoy a hot cuppa! 

Many of our members have remained good friends with their playgroup family and it’s wonderful to see many of these friendships have stayed strong, even after their children have well and truly grown up.  

Read more about the benefits of playgroup in our latest Member Survey results here

“Playgroup day means fun day for both me and my kids. We look forward to playgroup knowing our friends will be there. Having moved to Perth almost 10 years ago, playgroup is where I met my good friends which I will forever be thankful for.” 

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