Intergenerational Activities Service

Playgroup WA’s Intergenerational Activities Service aims to bridge the gap between generations and foster understanding and respect and provides seniors and families with young children the opportunity to interact through play at playgroup, events and workshops. Under this service Playgroup WA holds an annual schedule of smaller events and one large event. We also partner with other service providers to collaboratively hold community events to bring the generations together.

As part of this service Playgroup WA continues to support other services and agencies to operate intergenerational playgroups and to assist new groups to establish.  Also included under this service is a facilitated intergenerational playgroup as a demonstration model of best practice.

Playgroup WA’s experience in supporting intergenerational interaction through playgroups and events has shown how invaluable it can be for all generations involved; with seniors not just enjoying the sense of fun that young children bring but also the chance to share their parenting knowledge and experiences with young parents.

Parents and caregivers explain from their perspective the uniqueness of intergenerational playgroups is the inclusive, intimate and ‘family atmosphere’ of the groups. Many also believe intergenerational interaction offers an opportunity to broaden their child’s life experiences by ‘normalising’ difference and then in turn building acceptance.







The Intergenerational Playgroup Service is provided by Playgroup WA and funded by the State Government through the Department of Local Government and Communities