KidzaBuzz – the #1 WA Family Savings and Activity Guide!

WA families have been using KidzaBuzz to make great savings for over 10 years.

Creator of the family savings guide is local mum of two Bec Hall who has won loyalty from both parents and local businesses over the years.

Bec said the essential savings guide started as a voucher book more than a decade ago and joined the digital age last year when she launched the App.

It’s an App

“The app is available and accessible wherever you go and right at your fingertips,” Bec said.

“Your membership can even be downloaded onto several phones within the same family.”

Helpful hint: let the grandparents have a copy on their phone for when they take the kids out!

Why you need KidzaBuzz

If you’ve ever been stuck for ideas on how to amuse the kids or what to do to spend quality family time without breaking the budget, then KidzaBuzz is for you!

“It’s hard to understand why anyone wouldn’t be a member when the savings you could accumulate are in the thousands,” said Bec.

“And unlike similar – and more costly –  discount books/apps that come and go, KidzaBuzz has stood the test of time.

“After 10 years we remain committed to being affordable to families while providing the best offers to the places families are more likely to visit and services they are more likely to use.”

The savings are massive

Using KidzaBuzz, families can save up to 50% on activities, entertainment, places to dine, lifestyle and retail throughout Perth and WA all year long!

And thanks to a new partnership between KidzaBuzz and Playgroup WA, Playgroup WA is proud to be offering its members a complimentary sample of 100 of KidzaBuzz’s favourite discounts to use throughout WA in 2017.

If you haven’t already downloaded your complimentary app – you can find more details here!

What’s in it for me?

Members will be delighted with what’s on offer and many are already upgrading to the full app which consists of 400+ offers with a potential of $8000+ in savings at an exclusive Playgroup WA price of just $18.50.

Be inspired for birthday parties, educational classes, play dates, family outings and so much more. Find savings to WA entertainment (including cinema chains), activities and experiences, family-friendly places to dine, events, retail, lifestyle, getaways and there is even a section for parents only – think coffee, day spas, flowers, gifts, health & well being, exercise and much more!

At just $25, valid until 31 March 2018, offering 400+ discounts across 10 sections KidzaBuzz also makes the perfect gift for family & friends.

The bottom line

Owning KidzaBuzz is rewarding in so many ways – you get to explore in your own home town, discover many great family-friendly businesses, support children’s charities and save money all at once!

To find out more visit and if you are a playgroup WA member, upgrade to the full app to gain even more savings here.

About Bec Hall

 With a 25 year career in print media and publishing, founder of KidzaBuzz and mother of two, Bec runs the award winning home-based business, KidzaBuzz.

Frustrated with the lack of family friendly reference guides offering value for money, Bec commenced her home-based business in 2007 while raising two young boys.

Bec is so passionate about providing the very best and for over 10 years has worked tirelessly at making KidzaBuzz the highly reputable brand that it is today. Bec has built trust and formed solid relationships with hundreds of small businesses and it’s been a privilege watching so many wonderful West Australian businesses grow. Proudly associated with leading WA brands, media and publicity the reputation, integrity and individuality is why KidzaBuzz is WA’s #1 go to app.

Ten editions later, KidzaBuzz is a highly valued resource for WA families providing a range of activities and options for children’s activities, services and products.

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