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Protected: PlayConnect Involvement in Remembrance Flower Festival at South Lake

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Starting Conversations: Raising Awareness of Anxiety and Perinatal and Post Natal Depression

The pressures of modern life can mean new mums and dads have unrealistic ideas about parenthood. It’s important to know that having a baby can be hugely challenging and adjusting to your new roles can take time. Having a good understanding of what to expect and how you might cope…Read More

Water Safety Month

WATER SAFETY MONTH is an initiative of Playgroup WA and the Royal Life Saving Society WA’s Keep Watch program. This year Water Safety Month is in November and playgroup members can join in the fun by participating in water play activities whilst learning about being safe around water. Check out…Read More

Pedestrian Safety

Did you know? Research has shown that young children can easily learn road drills or rules but may not use them in dangerous situations or simply recite them without understanding them. Smart Steps Hint… Increase your child's road safety skills and understanding by doing some practical road-side training with them,…Read More

Playgroup Volunteers

Many playgroups often enlist the help of volunteers to help out with their playgroup. What is the difference between a volunteer and a member? A member is a parent or carer with a child currently attending the playgroup. A volunteer is a person who doesn't have children attending the playgroup…Read More

Mental Health Week: No Bad Statistics

During Mental Health Week you will very probably see and hear a lot of statistics showing how increasingly serious a problem mental ill health has become. There will be stories, newsfeeds and Facebook posts telling you how many people suffer from something at some stage such as when they are…Read More

Mental Health Awareness Week 2018

This year, Mental Health Week will be celebrated all around Australia between Sunday, 7 October until Saturday, 13th October with World Mental Health Day (WMHD) observed globally on October 10 every year. The campaign addresses mental health stigma by asking people to shed a more positive light on mental health…Read More

Competition: Bring A Grandparent to Playgroup Week 2018

WIN WIN WIN! This year during our Bring a Grandparent to Playgroup Week, we are offering three lucky playgroups the chance to WIN amazing prizes of assorted toys thanks to VTech. We want to see the fun and great ways you are celebrating with those special seniors in your lives…Read More

Pre-reading & writing skills

Many parents have very high expectations of their children picking up reading and writing skills quickly at school, pre-primary or even kindergarten. This can lead to frustration and disappointment when they discover that being able to recite the alphabet and write your name doesn't necessarily mean a child has grasped…Read More

Make Your Own Book

Did you know that you can easily make your very own book from a single piece of paper? Watch the quick video below or follow the instructions! Video: How to Make Your Own Book             Instructions 1. Grab your sheet of paper and fold it…Read More

How To Recruit Committee Members for Your Playgroup

Recruiting committee members   Recruiting members for your playgroup committee can be a little difficult as it requires members to give up their free time to get involved. But in some instances it is a necessary task as previous committee members move on to the next chapter of their lives with their children.  Here are some ideas that could…Read More

Why You Should Read to Your Kids

As most parents know all too well, children have favourite books that they want to read over and over again. There is something wonderful in those stories that brings them back every time and they love hearing these being read out loud. Books are entertaining and fun but not just…Read More

Izzy’s Road Safety Tips – Learning Road Drills or Rules

Did you know? Research has shown that young children can easily learn road drills or rules but nay not use them in dangerous situations or simply recite them without understanding them. Smart Steps Hint... Increase your child's road safety skills and understanding by doing some practical road-side training with them,…Read More

Encouraging outdoor play in winter

Being outdoors comes with many benefits and opportunities for exploration and learning. But what about heading outside during these colder months? While it might feel like those rainy days restrict us from enjoying outdoor play, the truth is there are so many great benefits from popping on your boots, dressing…Read More

6 Winter Activities to do at Playgroup

The colder months are here and sometimes this can present a challenge to keep kids entertained at playgroup. But don't let the rain stop you from having fun - we've written some fun ideas to do with the kids at playgroup (and at home!). 1. Hold a disco Choose a…Read More

Celebrating Naidoc Week 2018

NAIDOC Week  is happening from 8 –  15 July with celebrations planned to commemorate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples around the country. Does your playgroup have anything special planned to mark the occasion? We've listed some fun and simple activity ideas you can…Read More

Traffic Light Sandwich

Who doesn’t love getting in the kitchen with the kids? If you’re looking for some inspiration and a great way to talk about road safety with your little ones then try our fun Traffic Light Sandwich recipe. This activity is also a great one to do at playgroup. Items you…Read More

Hands are for holding!

Our children can be encouraged to be safe pedestrians from very early on. And one of the simplest ways to start is by asking your child to hold hands. It’s an easy concept for them to understand and one you should start practising the moment they start walking. Try and…Read More

Following your child’s lead through play

Children are play experts. They learn so much through play in their early years – and did you know they learn best when they’re focused and engaged in play initiated by themselves? Child led play is about letting children to play freely, without direction or intervention. It is about allowing…Read More

Celebrating Families Week

National Families Week (held between 15 - 21 May) is a wonderful time to celebrate the importance of family in our life and our community. It's a great opportunity to look at all the different types of families we are a part of and how each one is special. We've…Read More

Mothers Day Activity – Handprint Flowers

We love this Mothers Day idea as it is a fun activity which all the little ones can take part in. What you'll need... - butcher paper or card - finger paints (assortment of colours) - paint brushes or trays to pour paint into   What you'll do... 1. Start…Read More

Car travel with your family

With school holidays here we know a lot of families will take the opportunity to pack up the car and head off for a well deserved family break. It's timely then to give some thought to travelling safely in the car with young children; especially when planning for trips. Ensuring…Read More

Tips to help find new members

Encouraging people to become a playgroup member is a crucial part of playgroup so we've developed a list of ideas and strategies to help. Promoting Your Playgroup Playgroups are a source of enjoyment for many families in the community and are an important community resource. Promoting your playgroup can help…Read More

Play ideas for the school holidays

With most playgroups on break over the school holidays, we know that sometimes getting inspiration for play ideas to do at home can be tough. Activities don't need to be overly complicated and you'll be surprised how engaged kids will get with even the simplest of play ideas. Playgroup WA…Read More

Cooking Activity: 2 ingredient dough

This recipe is so simple and perfect for little hands to help with! And with only two ingredients it's an easy introduction into cooking with your little one. And once the dough is made the options of what you do with it are endless - you can make pizza, scrolls,…Read More

Using a Safety Door in your car

Do you have a Safety Door in your car? Getting into and out of cars safely can sometimes be a problem with little ones. This is where a safety door comes in handy – a safety door is one that is closest to the footpath and is the safest door…Read More

Easy Ways To Create A Sensory Environment For Children

Ever noticed how children use their senses to engage with the world from a really young age? When they have rich sensory experiences whether at a playgroup, at home, in the park or anywhere else, it boosts their brain development. Research has found that children learn by interacting, practising and…Read More

Welcoming new members

Do you remember when you joined playgroup for the first time? What were the things that made you feel welcomed? People seek out to join a playgroup for numerous reasons and visiting a playgroup can be a daunting feeling for some - remember, this person is stepping out of their…Read More

Getting On A Bike: Simple Safety Tips for Little Ones

With Christmas having just been we’re sure that a lot of lucky kids receive shiny new wheels from Santa! And with the weather as lovely as it is, we’re also sure a lot of kids will be begging to head outside for a spin. Bikes are lots of fun for…Read More

Making mum friends

Mum friends. We need these people - but wow, it's HARD. And I mean, trying to find the time to shower with a newborn hard. Think about it, friends are something that we've acquired through various social opportunities  from very early on: our caretakers took us along to socialise with…Read More

Summer play ideas for your playgroup

Now that the weather is warm and sunny, are you looking for some summer play ideas? Is your playgroup a mixture of ages with babies, toddlers and older siblings? If it is, then you know as summer takes hold keeping everyone happy indoors can be a challenge. So if you’re…Read More

2018 Early Bird Membership

This competition is now closed! We will be announcing the winner shortly. Thank you for all those who entered, good luck! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Calling all early birds ... renew your membership or join Playgroup WA before Friday 2nd March 2018 to go into the draw to win a Scitech Scitrekker Family…Read More

Moving on from Playgroup to Kindy

The year is coming fast to an end (when did this happen??) which also means that for many parents there is another thing on their mind......the countdown to kindy! It's a bittersweet time, our little ones are embarking on a new journey of independence and an exciting new phase in…Read More

End of year: graduation ideas

This time of year is certainly wonderful; there's a special magic in the air! The end of the year often sees us reflecting on the last twelve months while looking onwards to the possibilities a whole new year promises. This also means that for some of our wonderful friends, it…Read More

The Top 8 Trampoline Benefits for Kids!

We all know trampolining is fun. It’s hard to keep a huge smile from spreading as you jump around in a state of childlike fun. But did you know there are also some serious health benefits you can gain from regular trampoline-based activities? And there are plenty of mental benefits…Read More

7 Tips for Enjoying Your Holidays with the Little Ones

Do you often find yourself dreaming of a relaxing family holiday? Well you’re in luck –and it’s not the laughable fantasy you might think. The following tips will provide you with helpful suggestions and ideas to ensure that everyone in your family will be talking about their holiday for years…Read More

Volunteers Required for our Annual Funday!

VOLUNTEERS REQUIRED! We require enthusiastic volunteers to assist us on our Annul Fun Day to be held on: Tuesday, 14 November 2017 from 10am – 1pm Goal Way in Madeley (City of Wanneroo) The Annual Fun Day is attended by over 2000 parents and children aged 0-5 years and is…Read More

Bring A Grandparent to Playgroup Week 2017 – Competition Entry

WIN WIN WIN! This year we are also offering three lucky playgroups the chance to WIN amazing prizes of assorted VTech toys! Entering is simple: 1. Register your event with Playgroup WA by filling out this form 2. Share the fun and post your photos to the event page on the Playgroup…Read More

MY LITTLE PONY: THE MOVIE – Competition Closed

      This competition has now closed. Thanks to MADMAN Entertainment we’re giving away in season double passes to MY LITTLE PONY: THE MOVIE (Rated G)! My Little Pony: The Movie brings the Mane Six to the big screen for the very first time for their most exciting and spectacular…Read More

Advertorial: Safety Tips For You & Your Baby These Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching and we're betting you're already shopping up a storm for your little ones! While there is nothing like watching children's faces light up as they open their presents, please remember that with toys and games comes risks.  Clutter is actually a safety hazard. Children can…Read More

Halloween Craft Idea – Spooky Ghost

I don't know about you, but I really love Halloween. And since having children I enjoy it even more. I know that it's not a hugely celebrated day, but I think it is slowly (slowly) becoming more popular here in Australia. With Halloween comes lots of creative themed fun for…Read More

Is your playgroup celebrating Diwali this week?

Diwali – the festival of lights. Diwali is an ancient Hindu festival celebrated in spring across Australia each year. It is an important festival for Hindus and is one of the largest and brightest festivals held throughout the world and spiritually signifies the victory of good over evil. Diwali brings…Read More

Getting members to join the playgroup committee

At this time of year playgroup committees or teams are usually busy doing a little organising behind the scenes. How this is done won’t be the same for every playgroup! If you’re looking ahead to 2019 you might be wondering how to attract or recruit new committee or team members…Read More

Is your playgroup ready for its Annual General Meeting?

It’s that time of year when many larger, incorporated playgroups are planning their Annual General Meeting (AGM). Of course for smaller groups it’s still a good idea to have an end of year meeting to finish the year and prepare for the next 12 months! Our Playgroup Manual has a…Read More

Parenthood & Taking Time for Yourself – It’s Really Important

Caring for yourself during a pregnancy and those first few months of parenthood is really important. Sometimes, you need to take time to do things just for you. Use your 'time-out' to do something you enjoy and help to keep things in perspective. Next time you need some 'me' time…Read More

Ways to share the playgroup workload

From time to time sharing the workload among playgroup families can cause concern and at times result in drama if not dealt with promptly. Your playgroup may have an issue with sharing the workload if any of the following happen: Have you ever complained (or heard someone else in your…Read More

Are we raising confident children?

Today’s world is different. The 24-hour news cycle is king, and Google has made us all detectives and researchers. Anytime we want to know something, good or bad, the answer is at our fingertips. But with the hubbub of information – and misinformation – constantly swirling, is it any wonder…Read More

The benefits of attending playgroup

Playgroups benefit children, families and the wider community. While it is true children can play anywhere, playgroup has an added benefit of providing opportunities for playing with other children and practising important social skills. Importantly, playgroup also provides the opportunity where parents and children can play together, which is critical…Read More

Top tips for a successful committee handover

As we head into the second half of 2017, it is a good idea to plan a ‘wind up’ meeting for the year to hand over records, bank details and change account signatories. If the playgroup is incorporated it is a good idea to arrange a meeting for the outgoing…Read More

Get your playgroup running smoothly

Rekindle your passion for running your playgroup with these helpful hints and handy tips to get people involved. If you want to keep your playgroup on track the best place to start is with the committee looking at what jobs or tasks need to get done. These might include: Tasks relating to…Read More

Intergenerational Playgroups celebrate all ages!

Playgroup WA has been supporting intergenerational play opportunities across the state for more than 10 years and we want more people to join in the fun! “Bringing people from different generations together fosters understanding and builds respect between generations,” said Playgroup WA Development Officer Alicia Harlow – a proud supporter…Read More

Making everyone feel welcome at playgroup

Playgroups, by their very nature bring all kinds of people together: mothers, fathers, family day care workers, grandparents, nannies, young parents, older parents, parents who work outside the home, parents who are full time at home with their children, same sex parents, single parents. Anyone caring for children 0-5 years…Read More

Painting ideas to stretch your imagination

If you’re looking for fun ways to entertain children at playgroup (or home) look no further - painting is a great activity with so many physical and emotional benefits. But most of us shy away from it because of the great potential for MESS! If you have the heart to…Read More

KidzaBuzz – the #1 WA Family Savings and Activity Guide!

WA families have been using KidzaBuzz to make great savings for over 10 years. Creator of the family savings guide is local mum of two Bec Hall who has won loyalty from both parents and local businesses over the years. Bec said the essential savings guide started as a voucher…Read More

St John WA: Why Parents Need First Aid Skills

Medical emergencies can strike at any time, especially for parents with young children. In these instances, a cool head and preparedness are necessary to prevail. Children are naturally inquisitive. It’s not uncommon for them to experience burns, scalds, cuts, bruises and choking in a household setting. Burns and scalds Hot…Read More

Top 5 Tips for Nursing a Sick Child at Home

This week I was stuck on the couch with a sick child. Nothing worse than nursing a little one who feels miserable but between cuddles and tummy rubs I had some time to come up with a top 5 list to help families soldier on with an unwell child. Stick…Read More

Save Now: Download the FREE KidzaBuzz Playgroup WA Essentials App and enjoy MASSIVE SAVINGS!

We’re nearly half-way through the year and we WANT to remind our 2017 Playgroup WA family members - you're only one-step away from enjoying MASSIVE SAVINGS. Yes, Playgroup WA has teamed up with KidzaBuzz -  to bring families our best value-add membership on record! This means all 2017 Playgroup WA…Read More

Celebrating NAIDOC Week 2017

This week is NAIDOC Week (2 - 9 July) with celebrations planned to commemorate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples around the country. Does your playgroup have anything special planned to mark the occasion? It’s a special week with an increasing number of government…Read More

Top 5 Tips for Getting Kids Involved With Housework

Kids and housework don’t always go together. BUT here are my top 5 tips for getting little ones  involved in keeping things neat and tidy at home! Start Young Toddlers and small children are itching to help out with housework and are really happy when they are invited to ‘to…Read More

Embracing winter at playgroup

It’s that time of the year again when bugs, coughs and colds start making life miserable! So if your little one is unwell it’s best that you stay with them at home until they’ve recovered but what about those in between days? Should a cough or a sniffle keep you…Read More

Stay Allergy Aware at Playgroup

Is your playgroup allergy aware? Allergy awareness has always been a hot topic; many babies and young children have a recognised, potentially life-threatening allergy – think nuts, eggs, wheat or dairy as well as fruit, soy and seafood – which can make the first few years tough for both baby…Read More

The value of joining a Playgroup Committee

Have you ever considered joining a playgroup committee? Most playgroups have a group of people dedicated to helping things run smoothly and  I call it ‘a gathering of saints’ because these people do jobs that no-one else wants to do or think they’re capable of … However, those on the ‘committee’…Read More


Snacks on the Run

Have you heard the reports in the news? There's a massive war on waste at the  moment and one way to combat this is to plan snacks before you leave the house. But have you seen those recipe books for children's snacks which are so complicated and fiddly you'd be…Read More

Channel 9 Spends Time With Our Grandparent’s Playgroup

Playgroup WA provided a wonderfully, colourful backdrop to Channel 9's morning weather updates on Monday 22 May. The news service crossed  four times to Playgroup WA's North Perth Community Room to check in on the Grandparent's Playgroup which meets weekly at the venue. All of the grandparents were excited to …Read More

Books, Books, Books – Top Tips for Reading at Playgroup

Sharing books and stories with babies and small children at playgroup can be both pleasurable and educational. Stories extend a child's knowledge and understanding of their world and can challenge their imagination, extend their vocabulary and help develop listening and perception skills. There are wonderful stories that can help children…Read More

Road and Pedestrian Safety Tips for Families

It is never too early to teach pedestrian and road safety to young children. Here are some ideas: Infants and Babies Ensure you put them into their car seat restraint each and every time. Have it properly checked by a qualified Child Restraint Fitters.  You can locate your nearest Child…Read More

2017 Membership Card Reminder

Members have been asking about membership cards in recent weeks and we wanted to remind people that cards will not be issued this year. Instead you will receive an email from us quoting your unique Membership ID along with details of how to access our great membership benefits including the…Read More

How I found my ‘village’ at playgroup

A recent article was published on MamaMia detailing one mum's first visit to playgroup (read the full article here) and we thought it was timely to re-publish the following piece from one of our playgroup member's who recently moved to a new regional community and the importance of finding your…Read More

Autism Awareness & Support Grows

It’s Autism Awareness Month and there are many wonderful events and activities planned across Australia. Thanks to these promotional campaigns awareness surrounding Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is growing and conversations surrounding ASD are much easier. Did you know? Playgroup WA operates PlayConnect Playgroups in four WA locations to support families…Read More

Welcoming a family with an adult or child with a disability to playgroup

My cousin has a disability. My friend’s daughter has Rett Syndrome. My neighbour’s son has been recently diagnosed with a debilitating degenerative condition. You would have to look pretty hard to find someone who isn’t related to, or know of, someone affected by a disability or diagnosis. So it’s a…Read More

Tambellup Playgroup Celebrates Turning 30!

Tambellup Family Playgroup is 30 years old and celebrated with a Bush Kids Party recently! Loads of fun activities took place with families with young children encouraged to join the festivities & make the most of the messy play theme! Now, Tambellup Playgroup President Kylie Lockyer gives us an insight…Read More

Using recycled materials for play

Making Your Own Toys

Sometimes it's easy to forget that play can be cheap or even free! So many of us get caught up the marketing hype and think ‘shop’ toys will make our kids happier. And nurture their development. But there are lots of cheap activities using recycled materials and some imagination. You…Read More

Top Tips For Dad – Easy Ways To Be More Involved @ Home and Playgroup

Lately I've been thinking about all of the wonderful things my husband - or 'dad - does with, and for, the kids. Top Tips For Dad And at the top of my list is his playfulness – his ability to ‘show and do’ rather than ‘teach’. Dad knows how to…Read More

Council Supports Playgroup to Improve Facilities

Did you hear about the inner-city playgroup that improved its indoor space thanks to  support from local government, surrounding business and volunteers? While it sounds like the start of a fairy tale, it’s the real-life story of the Highgate Forrest Park Playgroup. In fact, current playgroup president Fiona Russell believes…Read More

Planning a birthday party soon?

If you're planning a kids party- this blog is for you! Before you reach for the pain relief pills, take a deep breath and mentally psyche yourself up because there are some easy ways to celebrate without breaking the bank or losing your mind! For some, the best idea is…Read More

Playgroups help support emotional health

Playgroups help to support emotional health

Did you know playgroups can help with emotional health during early parenthood? According to the national depression initiative beyondblue, Post Natal Depression (PND) is quite common and affects up to one in seven Mothers. Mums and dads with a new baby are being encouraged to talk more openly about mental…Read More

Check Out our Online Playgroup Manual

Those new to the playgroup committee should check out our online Playgroup Manual. A One Stop Resource The  fantastic resource can be downloaded and printed as necessary. Some groups may find it useful to have a printed copy of the manual available at playgroup while others may just want to…Read More

Ten Cool Tips for a Long Hot Summer

Playgroup WA friend Janni Goss has put together a great Top 10 Survival Guide for the summer months ... Top 10 Tips for Summer Keep cool – there are many ways to keep you all cool before you switch on the aircon! Lots of cool water to drink, a squirty…Read More

Moving On From Playgroup to Big School

While there are only 8 Saturdays left until Christmas, thousands of parents across WA are pre-occupied by another ticking time bomb … the count down to kindy 2017. Whether it’s your first born, middle child or baby enjoying their last few weeks at playgroup before they head off to big…Read More

The Life of a Working Parent

Being a parent is role I love but one fraught with challenges. However, on an average day, being a parent is what I live for. And I know ‘parents’ come in all different shapes and sizes. The Working Parent One I want to touch on now is the Working Parent…Read More

Fun ideas for a playgroup tea party

Winter is officially behind us BUT we all know the cold days will probably stick around for another few weeks. If you’re looking for something to do at playgroup while awaiting the warmer weather – hosting a tea party can be a fun way to socialise and a great excuse…Read More

Playgroups help support emotional health

Parenthood is Unbelievable

I only need one word to sum up my life as a parent - unbelievable. Yes, this one word says it all. And if you were to think about it, I bet, you would agree with me! You see, whether it's a good or bad day - things never really…Read More

Lotterywest helps Wembley Playgroup families get back to nature

The families at Wembley Playgroup are getting back to nature thanks to a recent Lotterywest grant. The group’s new outdoor nature playground was completed last week – just in time for spring! Thanks to Lotterywest Wembley Playgroup’s President Eliza Maroni thanked Lotterywest for its generous support. “We were fortunate to…Read More

New parents and sleep – what is it and how to get more?

The lovely people at Raising Children Network just sent me an email with links to an article on the new parent’s need for sleep. Thanks for rubbing it in. If sleep were currency I would be broke. I don’t think I’ve slept a full 8 hours since I became a…Read More

Playgroup can wear many hats – one mum’s story

Our playgroup is back in full swing after the recent two-week term break and everyone is happy to have the weekly opportunity to catch up! I find our playgroup is a great place for parents to swap stories (adult interaction is one of its top selling points!) and because our…Read More

Why Do Socks Cause So Much Trouble?

This little gem of a 'meme' popped up on my Facebook feed the other day making me laugh and grimace at the same time! Most parents will understand the pain that is sock wrangling a baby or toddler but I'm here to tell you it gets worse as they get…Read More

Top 5 Animal Ideas for Making African Drums at Playgroup

There are loads of safari-themed activities you can enjoy at home or at playgroup but one of my favourites is African Drums! First ask the children to decorate an A4 sheet of paper using one of the following themes: Elephant: crumpled paper painted grey Zebra: black stripes painted on white…Read More

Top 5 ideas for home-made musical instruments

When it’s too cold or wet to head outside my little ones like to get noisy and we often find ourselves turning the kitchen cupboards inside out for an impromptu music session! Here are my top 5 ideas for home-made musical instruments: Noise maker: Glue a bell to a cotton…Read More

Friend Had A Baby? Top 5 Meals That Freeze Well

If you’ve got a friend who’s just had a baby, I recommend ditching the toys and baby outfits in favour of a basket full of home-made meals that can be easily frozen and re-heated. Trust me it’s the gift that keeps on giving and your friend will love you forever…Read More

Why I Gave Up Open-Ended Play Experiences

Like parenting, there are so many different styles of learning in the early childhood world. It can be confusing and time sapping to try and figure out what works for you and most importantly what works for your children. As an educator working in Family Day Care, I believed in…Read More

Screen Time for Under 5s On The Rise

Get ready for our Screen Free Challenge Playgroup WA is joining Kinderling Radio to promote an Australian-wide Screen Free Challenge! Watch out for more information in the coming weeks - families can sign-up to take part in the challenge and receive practical help and information on ways to monitor and limit…Read More

Everyone loves dressing-up!

When it’s cold outside it’s easy to get grumpy and forget what fun can be had indoors! One of my favourites is dress ups – and loads of new looks can be made from discarded materials you’ll likely have at home or stored at playgroup. Ask your playgroup families collect…Read More

Grandparents and playgroups are a wonderful mix!

Did you hear the beautiful playgroup grandparent who spoke on ABC Radio in July about the benefits of attending playgroup with her grandchildren? It was a wonderfully eloquent piece that really drilled down the importance of play for both child and adult and reinforced the need for social networks for…Read More

The Tooth Fairy Has Some Stiff Competition

Here’s a weird fact, while masquerading as the Tooth Fairy my husband has kept all of our kids’ baby teeth. And we have three kids – so that’s a lot of teeth. These ‘stolen’ teeth sit in a container on a high shelf in our room which every now and…Read More

Handy tips for your mid-year playgroup busy bee

It has only just hit me that we're now in June  and on the fast track to Christmas and New Year! Pass me the paper bag I'm feeling light-headed... Where did the first half of the year go? At this time of year, many playgroups are probably planning a mid-year…Read More

Finding The Right Fit at Playgroup

Finding a playgroup that suits both you and your child need not be difficult as Tamara Hunter explains. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again: it’s a mantra we’re taught as children but one we can sometimes forget as adults. In the case of playgroup, it’s a mantra…Read More

Let them be bored

I remember being little and experiencing a range of emotions and sensations. I was happy when my cat snuggled on my lap and sad when I left my grandparents' house. I was excited when I went with mum to pick up my older siblings from school and scared when I…Read More

Organising a playgroup outing

Does your playgroup love an outing? Do you organise walks to the local park, post office or library? Maybe you’ve set your sites higher and organised a Zoo visit or a trip to a park in another suburb or town? If you have gone further afield – leave some tips…Read More

Traffic Light Sandwich

Who doesn't love getting in the kitchen with the kids? If you're looking for some inspiration and a great way to talk about road safety with your little ones you must try our fun Traffic Light Sandwich recipe. Items you will need: 2 slices of bread butter or margarine Sliced…Read More

Creating a hunger for healthy foods

Well it’s no surprise that healthy eating need some help in the PR department. When new parents hit the shops they are usually time poor and distracted by a baby (or two) and let’s not get started on the shopping list left idling on the bench at home … Who…Read More

Getting into Good Play Habits

If you are reading these few words you are most likely interested in play. You have probably looked at some of the play resources on our website and you might already know how important play is to healthy child development. Most research actually suggests that parents understand that play is…Read More

Take time to play

By now many of you will have seen the new play ideas on our Facebook page and website and hopefully had a chance to try some out. Some of you may be asking what all the fuss is about. You may be happily spending lots of time down on the floor…Read More

Handy tips to keep you safe when cycling

With the cooler autumn weather our kids will be itching to get outside and play. This will no doubt include the all-time favourite; riding a bike. Bikes are great for fitness and fun but what can you do to ensure your children are safe when riding? First, explore your suburb…Read More

10 easy-to-follow playgroup guides

The following information was published in a playgroup newsletter almost 20 years ago and we think it is just as relevant and useful today as it was then! We hope you enjoy this ‘blast from the past’ - we certainly did Nominate a welcoming party. No not rent-a-crowd but a…Read More

From “only” child to “oldest”

Baby number two is on the way so what does it mean for you and your first-born? Suzi Francis explores Bringing home your first baby no doubt brought forth mixed emotions of excitement, wonder and a fair bit of uncertainty. Fear of the unknown, mostly overshadowed by blissful ignorance at what lay…Read More

Helmet safety: Keeping head injuries at bay

Most cycling and scooting injuries don’t involve another vehicle, but occur when children fall off their bike or scooter after crashing into a pole, curb or fence. In fact, head injuries are the main cause of death and disability to cyclists. It is the law in WA to wear a…Read More