Nature Inspired Activities

With the weather warming up it is a perfect time for some nature play. Involving nature in play settings is a lovely way to get children take more notice of their natural surroundings and also encourages imaginative play.

Half the fun of nature inspired activities is heading outdoors to collect the items and getting the kids involved.

Have a look below to see some of the creative ideas our playgroups have done!

Nature Wands

Nature wands are absolutely adorable and a very simple activity to make.

Keep it sweet and simple like Gooseberry Hill Playgroup did and decorate sticks with various craft items such as beads and feathers.





Or head out and collect sticks, leaves, twigs, nuts and whatever else you can find to make these gorgeous wands like Waroona Playgroup.



Change up art time with these natural paintbrushes. Get the little ones to gather items from outside and then attach them onto sticks with tape to make their very own paintbrushes.  They will love seeing the different patterns and textures each brush makes.

Nature Wreaths / Crowns

Wreaths look lovely in the home at any time of year but with Christmas coming up they’d also make lovely decorations.

To make these wreaths you need a flexible twig, vine, straw or grass such as wisteria, grape vines or willow. Then for the decorations anything goes – flowers, leaves and whatever you can find.

Guildford Family Playgroup have done a wonderful job making these beautiful wreaths.




Nature Playdough

Playdough is always a favourite activity enjoyed by little ones so why not combine it with some nature? Incorporating new items, textures and scents is a great sensory activity for young ones plus it looks lovely too!

Both Harvey Playgroup and Waroona Playgroup did this recently.

Nature Bracelets

This idea is super simple and all you need is some packing tape and let the kids decorate their ‘bracelets’ however they like. These ones from Gooseberry Hill are very sweet!





Nature Collage

Recently Penny, one of our Development Officers, put on this fantastic activity and it was a hit with all the kids and can be easily adapted at playgroup or at home.

Using cut out piece of clear contact paper and a lovely collection of nature items, let the kids get creative making their own collage.

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1 year ago

DIYing things is a great idea!


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