Playgroup 50th Birthday Celebrations

Let’s celebrate 50 years of playgroup!

This year to celebrate Playgroup WA turning 50, we are inviting playgroups to hold special birthday celebrations any time between March until the end of September.

Playgroups who choose to participate can celebrate in one of two ways – by having a birthday party for your current members or by holding an open day event to raise awareness of your playgroup and welcome new families to join!

If your playgroup is holding a members only birthday party, then you will receive a special party gift pack (see below).

If your playgroup is having an open day, then the following will take place:

Gift Pack

This year all playgroups who hold 50 year celebrations will receive a special party pack for their members*!

Register your event

Please fill in details of your event here.

*Disclaimer: While stocks last. Promotional items are for playgroups specifically holding events celebrating PGWA 50th birthday. Playgroup WA requires 3 weeks’ notice for promotional items and yoghurt requests.  If your playgroup requires promotional items for welcome packs, please email us at