Mother-Baby Nurture Group

Supporting mothers and their babies (0-6 months) through the first few months of parenthood.

Mother-Baby Nurture is a  support group for mothers struggling to care and connect with their infant during the first six-month post-partum.  It offers a two-hour facilitated reflective space over 10 consecutive weeks for mothers and infants. It’s a safe, supportive and confidential space for you to share your experiences. Mother-Baby Nurture offers a gentle pace where you can simply ‘be’ with your new baby: to listen to your infant, to your own self, and to the lived experiences of other mothers.

Together as we reflect on our close relationships, and observe and respond to our baby’s needs – we start making ‘sense’ of it all – and find solid ground

Mother-Baby Nurture is a safe place to come if you are struggling with the transition of becoming a parent, finding it hard to connect with your baby, or feeling a little isolated, anxious or low. Participation in Mother-Baby Nurture has been evidenced to alleviate symptoms of postnatal anxiety and depression, strengthen the mother-infant relationship and reduce social isolation

Mother-Baby Nurture support groups operate during the school term at the following locations:

Each group is facilitated by two facilitators experienced in mother-infant relationship-based work. It free to attend and no medical referral is required.

Please note as this is not a drop in group it is essential to have a conversation with the group facilitator to register your interest in attending. 

What mothers are saying about Mother-Baby Nurture:

“This group has helped me with my view of parenting in many ways. I’m not sure how to put it in words, but I now feel more confident being a Mum.”

 “Being able to share thoughts and experiences without fear of judgement”

 “Meeting other mothers, knowing I was not alone”

 “I feel more in tune with my baby and have developed confidence to trust my instincts

 “It’s not joyful and rewarding all the time… I was able to speak openly about my experience”

 “I gained valuable insight and tips through listening to other members and facilitators stories that I now apply in my parenting”

 “Teaching me to slow down, enjoy the small moments, giving me tools to teach my children how to experience their emotions”

To register your interest or make an inquiry contact Sharon Cooke Coordinator Mother-Baby Nurture

Phone: 1800 171 882

Mother-Baby Nurture is a support group, which is not intended to replace psychological, psychiatric or medical advice or services.

This service is delivered locally by Playgroup WA and funded through the WA Department of Health and Swan Alliance, Communities for Children.