Playgroup Volunteers

Many playgroups often enlist the help of volunteers to help out with their playgroup.

What is the difference between a volunteer and a member?

A member is a parent or carer with a child currently attending the playgroup. A volunteer is a person who doesn’t have children attending the playgroup but offers their time on a voluntary basis.

Volunteering is an important part of playgroup that benefits the families that attend and is a great way to strengthen connections with the local community.

What do volunteers do?

What a volunteer does is completely up to the individual playgroup. But below are a list of ideas of what current volunteers help with at our playgroups:
– Making tea and coffee
– Setting up the space
– Packing up after the session
– Making playdough or other craft supplies
– Welcoming new members
– Helping mums with more than one child (cuddling and holding babies, feeding etc.)
– Reading stories
– Playing instruments during music time

If your playgroup is looking into enlisting the help of a volunteer or you are interested in volunteering then contact us.

Does your playgroup have volunteers? Let us know the ways they get involved!

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Joanna - Hall
Joanna - Hall
3 years ago

I have 35 years experience as a teacher and recently (two years ago) studied the Early Childhood Dip Teaching at ECU. Have been working as a volunteer in a playgroup in Gosnells twice a week for the last five years, since no longer teaching full time. That playgroup has closed and may not re-open, so I am looking for something similar. Thank you.

Katie Dimario
3 years ago
Reply to  Joanna - Hall

Joanna you would be very welcome at our playgroup anytime but as we are in secret Harbour it might be a bit far to travel!

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