Top tips for a successful committee handover

Heading into the second half of the year is a good time to plan a ‘wind up’ meeting to hand over records, bank details and change account signatories. If the playgroup is incorporated it is a good idea to arrange a meeting for the outgoing playgroup committee to hand over to the incoming committee soon after your Annual General Meeting when the new committee positions have been determined.

Handover checklist:

  • At the handover meeting, allow time for outgoing people to hand over relevant written information to their replacement
  • All designated positions should include a clear job description
  • Check all finances are in order
  • If the forms for changing signatories at the bank have not yet been completed, this meeting is a good time to do so
  • List the names, addresses and phone numbers of both outgoing and incoming committee members
  • Set a date for the new committee’s first meeting


Little Things …

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