Ten Cool Tips for a Long Hot Summer

Playgroup WA friend Janni Goss has put together a great Top 10 Survival Guide for the summer months …

Top 10 Tips for Summer

  1. water play childKeep cool – there are many ways to keep you all cool before you switch on the aircon! Lots of cool water to drink, a squirty bottle is great fun, cool cotton clothes, a wet hand towel wrapped around your neck, a fan and damp clothes have a great effect.  All water play is supervised of course and CPR training is a must!
  2. Keep calm – summer heat can lead to frazzlement for kids and parents, so try taking slow breaths to calm yourself, and remain focussed and consistent as you meet your kids’ needs. Meditation helps too.
  3. Gratitude – many positive emotions contribute to our wellbeing. Gratitude helps you to recognise all the small, beautiful, joyful, funny and endearing moments in your day.  Write three of them down every night and also focus on love, appreciation, kindness and optimism.
  4. Play – the most precious time you can spend with your kids is when you all play together. Make play a priority at home, in parks, at the beach and wherever you are on holidays.  Fun and laughter shared together will enhance your holiday time.  Lots of physical fun helps kids to sleep better too.
  5. Connect – positive relationships develop when we socialise and share time with family and friends. Make the most of your connections, share what you enjoy together whether it is at home or out in the community.  Make parent play dates, as well as kids’ play dates!!
  6. Relax – hot weather is tiring, so imagine you live in the Mediterranean and schedule a siesta for the family. Scheduling in some down time or ‘quiet time’ can be beneficial for everyone.
  7. Mindful eating – we are blessed with a vast array of healthy fruit and veg – a whole rainbow in fact. Mindful shopping, food preparation, cooking and eating can become a multi-sensory pleasure as you focus on the shape, colour, texture, aroma and crunch of your meals.  Share as many meals as possible around your table and try discussing all the good things for which you are grateful.
  8. Limit technology – if you increase your playtime, book reading and games times with your kids so they are having more fun, you may find that screen time loses some fascination. Maybe just allow screen time as a reward or when you really need to focus on something else.
  9. Give – when you give, you also receive – so share affection, hugs, massage, child-minding, play, fun, laughter, chores and of course healthy food, gratitude and appreciation.
  10. Celebrate – every family develops its own rituals and celebrations for birthdays, Christmas and other holidays. For a reverse Advent Calendar, it is suggested you place an item of food in a basket on each of the twelve days of Christmas and then donate it.  Celebrate all the achievements and accomplishments of your family and anticipate 2017 with optimism.

Janni Goss is a wellbeing educator and speaker, and a former physiotherapist working with children and families.  She is an internationally accredited Laughter Yoga Leader and Teacher and is the creator of JelliTimeTM, a relaxation game for children. 

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