The benefits of attending playgroup

Playgroups benefit children, families and the wider community.

While it is true children can play anywhere, playgroup has an added benefit of providing opportunities for playing with other children and practising important social skills.

Importantly, playgroup also provides the opportunity where parents and children can play together, which is critical to children’s healthy development. By creating a space where parents and caregivers have the opportunity to spend time with their children, playgroups can enhance relationships through play.

The benefits of playgroup for children:

  • Provide safe and nurturing environments where children can play and learn
  • Enhance healthy early brain development through play
  • Provide opportunities for children to create, invent, reason and problem solve
  • Provide opportunities to build attachment between adults and children as they play together, and share time and experiences
  • Help children to learn social skills as they negotiate with peers, resolve conflict, take turns, share and make friends
  • Help children to build resilience to enable them to cope with new situations and manage stress and adapt to change

Little Things you can do…

Visit our website at, download the Playgroup Manual and navigate to Chapter 2 where you will find information on playgroups and Playgroup WA

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