Tips to help find new members

Encouraging people to become a playgroup member is a crucial part of playgroup so we’ve developed a list of ideas and strategies to help.

Promoting Your Playgroup
Playgroups are a source of enjoyment for many families in the community and are an important community resource. Promoting your playgroup can help to:
– Inform other families in the community
– Support families with young children who feel isolated
– Make the general community aware of the value of playgroups
– Attract new members

Here are some suggestions for promoting your playgroup:

Playgroup WA Website
When you join as member of Playgroup WA your playgroup’s details can be added to the ‘Find a Playgroup’ directory online.

Find A Playgroup is the most frequently visited page on our website so it is important to let us know if your details change so families can get up to date contact information.

Playgroup WA also has an online noticeboard where playgroups can advertise for free. It is categorised into playgroups looking for new families; playgroup with session availability and playgroups holding an open day or event.

The Playgroup WA Facebook page grows its number of followers every day and is a great place to promote your playgroup. Get in touch with us directly if you would like us to promote your playgroup or event.

You can also create your own Playgroup Facebook page to stay in touch with your members and people in your local community. There are already many playgroups in WA who are successfully using Facebook as a way of promoting their playgroup. If you would like more information on setting up your own page please click on here.

Word of Mouth
Most families join a playgroup because a friend invited them. Chat to your friends and relatives about playgroup. Pass on information to your networks via email, text message or social network sites. If your playgroup is trying to build up its members you could also carry playgroup information with you and pass it on to parents with young children you meet while shopping, at kindergarten/daycare pick up or wherever you go in your local area. You’ll be surprised at how successful this approach can be.

Information Stands and Community Boards
Set up an information stall at your local shopping centre, library or community centre. This is a great way to speak personally with people about the playgroup or have information that people can take away with them. Remember to get permission from the venue owner. A lot of shopping centres, coffee shops and  have community noticeboards as well which is a good place to put up posters or flyers.

Plan an event to promote your playgroup. It could be an open day, a teddy bear’s picnic or bring a friend to playgroup event. Plan events carefully and advertise widely within your local community. Invite people to come along to have fun, see your playgroup firsthand and find out more information. Having some activities on hand is a great idea, we have a list of some ideas for you here.

Making sure the event is well organised and that all visitors are warmly welcomed and encouraged to join in is key. Be sure to have information on hand about your playgroup including contact details, session times and costs. Remember, the aim is to make the day so much fun that families will want to return.

Make a poster about your playgroup and display it at local meeting places and community boards such as local libraries, banks, local schools, shopping centres, pharmacies or doctor’s surgeries.

How to make a poster:
– Community noticeboards usually have limited space available so make a poster to a reasonable size – usually A4 (148mm x 210mm)
– Keep information to a minimum but make sure contact details are clear and included
– Get in touch with Playgroup WA to get the Playgroup Member logo and feature it on the poster
– Make it colourful and attractive – but avoid using yellow as it is hard to read from a distance
– Draw attention by adding images of your playgroup and activities
– Add a tear off section with contact details at the bottom so people can take it with them

This is a smaller version of the poster but with more details included which you can easily hand out. It usually contains
– Playgroup name
– Ages of children
– What a playgroup is
– Where and when you meet
– Contact details
– What happens at your playgroup
– Term dates
– Session information
– Fees
– Your playgroup guidelines and philosophy

Use these brochures to hand around to the local places listed above.

Put a simple “PLAYGROUP” sign with phone number and email contact on a fence or wall at the venue where you meet. You may be able to have a sandwich board outside your building while your playgroup is meeting. These can be particularly useful if it is unclear where the playgroup venue or room is located. Contact Playgroup WA at to enquire about receiving a Playgroup Meets Here sign for free.

Council Listings
Contact your local council and ask to be included on its website and in its next community handbook. Be sure to keep the information updated every year.

Child Health Nurse
Establishing a relationship with your local Child Health Nurse can be a great opportunity for you to get face to face with new parents in your community and talk to them or pass on information about your playgroup.

Playgroup WA
Don’t forget that the Development Officers at Playgroup WA are always available to help whenever and wherever they can. Your local Development Officer has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in running playgroups and is a great place to start should you need any assistance. Call the office on 9288 8088 to get in touch with your local Playgroup WA representative.

Do you have any other tips or ideas that have worked well for your playgroup? We’d love to hear it!

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