Fun water play ideas

If you’re looking for simple water play ideas that are easy but guaranteed to keep your little one busy then check out our list!

Water play is extremely beneficial for little ones, it’s versatile and can be done any time of the year. 

Here are some suggestions for some water play fun ideas!
  • Water trays or tables are great for creating small worlds – dinosaurs, animal figurines, dolls or toy cars go a long way in stimulating children’s interests
  • Plastic tubs (or even kitty litter trays) are inexpensive and great for smaller areas, fill them with sponges, empty pump bottles, cups etc. and watch the creativity flow!
  • Try adding ice or even have things frozen in the ice cubes! Use tupperware containers to freeze multiple toys. Kids will love spraying them with water or having a go breaking them out of the ice with toy hammers
  • Spray bottles are heaps of fun and also excellent for strengthening fingers and arms
  • A bucket and a paint brush will keep toddlers occupied as they ‘paint’ fences or outside walls
  • Add in bubbles / dishwashing liquid for a fun and new play experience. Washing toys is one of our favourite activities to do with little ones. If you have bigger outdoor ride ons, you can even set up a car wash
  • Coloured food dye is great for creativity. Mix different coloured water together to see what colours they make. Start off with an empty tray or tub and have different jugs with coloured water and let the kids mix in the colours

Little things…Regularly changing the activity or objects will ensure your children will get the most out of each activity.

Safety: Supervision is essential at all times. Remember to empty out water or ice at the end of the activity.

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